Master of Science in Digital Humanities

A Passion for Data – the Data of Your Passions

Poster DH master program

Do you like math, statistics, and programing? And do you also like music, art, literature, TV series, social media, or politics? The opportunity to combine these worlds is finally accessible with a Master Degree in Digital Humanities.

Are you driven by digital innovation? As a Digital Humanities engineer you will bring new interpretations of our past and present that are fundamental to build our future.

Are you passionate about music? You will be able to develop algorithms that generate personalized playlists. You will explore the listener’s expectations, interactions and emotions and also interpret the patterns found in musical history.

Do you like art? You will learn how to apply image processing and machine learning to large historical or contemporary data. You will create captivating visualizations for academics, the general public, or even computer games.

Are you curious about social media? Do you shoot videos and images? Do you participate in collective actions on the internet? You can help people find their way in this proliferation of information. It is your algorithms that will help them reveal patterns and assess contents together with journalists and the communities.

Are you passionate about History? You will learn data science methodologies to reconstruct the evolution of cities and recreate social networks of the past based on historical sources. These technologies for time travelling are crucial for connecting the past with the present.

Digitization, large-scale big data exploration as well as artificial intelligence require new skills. Social and cultural industries, the media and cultural institutions are looking for the experts that you will become!

Why Study Digital Humanities at EPFL?

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You will have the possibility to work on cutting-edge projects, such as the flagship Venice Time Machine or the famous Montreux Jazz Festival Archives.

A comprehensive program from foundations to applications both in Computer Science and Humanities.

A wide range of specialized fields to do projects in: musicology, social media, litterature, arts, user experience, history, and more..!