Research and Laboratories

The Digital Humanities Institute fosters research in Digital Humanities and promotes the EPFL activities with a local and global perspective through projects within the EPFL or with other swiss and international universities.

For more information about the research projects conducted in this ever-growing field, please see our list of labs and research groups below.

Labs and Research Groups

Laboratory for Experimental Museology EM+ 

Professor: Sarah Kenderdine

eM+ is a new transdisciplinary initiative at the intersection of immersive visualisation technologies, visual analytics, aesthetics and cultural (big) data. eM+ engages in research from scientific, artistic and humanistic perspectives and promotes post-cinematic multisensory engagement using experimental platforms.


Professor: Frédéric Kaplan

The DHLAB aims at rediscovering the past and anticipating the future. Amongst its wide range of projects, you can discover the Venice Time Machine project in collaboration with the University Ca’Foscari.

Social Computing Group

Professor: Daniel Gatica-Perez

The SCG aims at understanding human behavior and creating applications for social good. An example of such project is SenseCityVity in collaboration with the CNS-IPICYT in Mexico.


Professor: Sabine Süsstrunk

The Images and Visual Representation Lab (IVRL) performs research that is primarily focused on the capture, analysis, and reproduction of color images. Aiming to improve everyone’s photographic experience, we develop algorithms and systems that help us understand, process, and measure images.

DCML – Digital Musicology Laboratory

Professor: Martin Rohrmeier

The Digital and Cognitive Musicology Lab (DCML) carries it out its research at the intersection of musicology, computer science, and cognitive science. Its main goal is to arrive at a better understanding of music as both a cognitive and cultural system as well as a human passion, using advanced computational methods, experimental approaches, and music-theoretical expertise